Resources & Useful Links

Whether you are beginning your weight-loss journey or discovering the joys of athleticism, it is always a good idea to be armed with information.  Here are some sites we have found useful...we hope you are able to use them too! GO!

Calculators & Tools

  • The Calorie King - Calorie Guide
  • Calorie Calculator
  • BMI Calculator
  • Exercise Calculator

    Personal Goal Tracking


  • Provides training tools for all types of fitness activities and sports including training plans, and a FREE training log.

  • ChooseMyPlate

  • Provides meal planning tools, a calorie counter for FREE.

    Healthy Recipes

    Dr. Cheryl Forberg - Biggest Loser Nutritionist

  • Some of the best advice we received about food was from Dr. Cheryl!  Take a look at her recipes! She DOES NOT skimp on taste!

  • Ed & Heba - Biggest Loser Finalists (Season 6)

  • One of my favorite families from my season of BL! Ed cooked for us the entire time we were on the ranch so we can attest to the yummy-ness! Since Heba took home the title of Biggest Winner from our Season, they must be doing something right!

  • Personal Training & Motivation

    Bob Harper - Biggest Loser Trainer

  • Bob will always hold a special place in our hearts. His life's work is helping people be their best selves! He has lots of great information and resources on his site.  We LOVE you "Harpo"! He teaches an AWESOME spin class at Crunch in Hollywood if you can make it!

  • Roger Mack - Personal Trainer

  • OK all you folks in the D-M-V! Roger is the one who trained us from FLAB-to-FAB after our elimination from the BL ranch! If you are in the area, check him out!



    Pete Thomas - Biggest Loser At-Home Winner (Season 2)

  • Pete has been living the WINNING life for over 5 years, successfully keeping the whopping 185 pounds he lost on the Biggest Loser off. Pete has been a great personal mentor and he is passionate about paying his lessons forward to those who will hear him! You lucky folks in the Detroit metro area can work with him personally! Check him out!

  • Rebecca Scritchfield & Bernie Salazar - Nurture Principles

  • Rebecca and Bernie have embarked on this great mission to inspire and motivate people about wellness. Bernie, the at-home winner from Season 5 of the Biggest Loser brings his personal experience with weight loss; Rebecca is a registered dietician. Combined they form a powerhouse of information! Check out the "Me Movement"!