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POZitively Fit & Finer 5K | 03.29.2014


Outreach Programs

GO Fitness is dedicated to providing  outreach programs and events to support people living an active, healthy lifestyle. 

Sharing Our Story

Sharing our experiences with the community is one of the ways we continue "pay forward" the lessons of jumpstarting a healthy lifestyle after The Biggest Loser.   We welcome opportunities to support your wellness events!   We have partnered with many organizations including the American Diabetes Association, American Heart Association, DC Metropolitan Police, and Inova Health System, to reach back to local communities by sharing our experiences.   Contact us for availability and our current fee schedule.    We will respond promptly to your request.

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Capers 4 FIT Kids

Capers 4 FIT Kids is our outreach program to provide awareness education about childhood obesity and support local community efforts in obesity prevention. Capers 4 Fit Kids has worked with a variety of organizations including the Girl Scouts of America, the National Parks Trust, local public schools, and other organizations in this effort.

Beginning in 2011, Capers 4 FIT Kids will be working with local public school systems in the Washington DC area to support physical fitness and education programs. Funds raised will be used to purchase and donate fitness equipment for deserving schools. Contact us for more information!

Here is a video from one of our programs at a local area elementary school.


FIT Fundraisers

Looking for a creative way to raise money for your non-profit organization? Schedule a fundraising fitness event with us! We can help you organize a host of events - everything from fitness bootcamps, to speaking engagements, to timed races to raise money for your group.  Contact us for more information!

Corporate FITness

Wellness programs are proven to improve employee morale, reduce absenteeism, and provide cost-savings to employers through a reduction in medical insurance claims. Let us help you design a group fit program that will keep employees motivated.

Contact us today about putting our program to work at your company, school, or organization.

Join Us & Live FIT

Interested in volunteering for an event or sponsoring us?

See our Volunteer and Sponsorship pages for more information.