FIT Camp Schedule

Coming Soon | 2012

FIT Camps

We are in the process of scouting our a new space for our camps.  Stay tuned! 

Do you have an interested group of five (5), and a space to host a camp?  Just drop us a quick email and we will work with you to organize your very own, personalized camp!

Check out our descriptions of types of "boot camp" type workouts we offer.  See you at camp!




Maximize your fitness results through an intensive cardio and circuit training workout. These sessions are perfect for those wanting to lose lots of weight fast or looking to increase their physical endurance. Our camps incorporate both indoor and outdoor activities.


Lose weight and build tone muscle by just WALKING!  For 50 minutes, you will go through a walking workout to help your burn calories and improve cardiovascular conditioning.


Blast away the fat with 50 minutes of high intensity cardio using a variety of exercises and techniques. Stacey incorporates aerobic, anaerobic, and plyometric activities to push you further than ever.

HiiT FIT 30/30/45

Try out our most intense workout  with 45 minutes of High Intensity Interval Training (HiiT) with 30 seconds of anaerobic blasts between 30 second recovery periods.  This is an advanced workout that can be tailored for the beginner.

For more information on FIT Camps, please contact us.