Adam Capers

Despite his towering stature, Adam is as "on-the-level" as they come. Adam did not begin to have problems with his weight until his mid-30s. Though he had stayed fairly active with doing a lot of walking around his native Cleveland, a sedentary job and a slowing metabolism eventually started to pack on the pounds. As he turned the corner towards his 40th birthday, he had reached a weight of 365 lbs. Even though he had always been given a clean bill of health, Adam knew he needed to make a change if he wanted to survive his chances of heart disease, which was prevalent in his family. Small changes to his eating and getting some exercise helped Adam get down to 340 by the time he arrived on the BL ranch.

By the end of his BL journey, Adam lost a whopping 80 lbs. and continues to challenge himself with his workouts every day.

Adam is very interested in helping those who have fallen off the "fitness wagon."

A big guy with an even bigger heart, loves to see people attain their goals, pushing past their obstacles. He loves running, weight training, and being pushed to his fitness limit.