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Power punches come in twos—this husband and wife know how to get the job done. They work together, commute together, and raise a family together. Read on and learn more about who Adam and Stacey are in the real world..
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About Us

After years of yo-yo dieting and unsuccessful fitness programs, Adam and Stacey finally cracked the code for their weight loss by beginning an unlikely journey on Season 6 of NBC's hit reality show, The Biggest Loser: Families.

Together, this dynamic duo was trained by Bob Harper and was recognized as a force to be reckoned with. However, that strength and determination was seen as a big threat and ultimately resulted in their early elimination from the game. In an opportunity for eliminated players to re-enter the game, Stacey was edged out only slightly in a nail-biting step challenge!

Staying true to their competitive selves, Adam and Stacey continued their journey at home to reach their goals. As parents of two young children and full-time jobs - plus a full-time commute - it was not easy. However, with the support of their family and friends, their jobs, and awesome local trainer, Roger Mack, they returned to The Biggest Loser finale as sizzling hot as they promised!  Down a combined 145 pounds, Adam and Stacey are continuing their efforts to touch as many people as possible who struggle as they did to loose weight in the real world.

I Can Do Fitness! - Who we ARE...

Since 2008, I CAN DO FITNESS! has been a resource for real weight loss results to people in communities throughout the metropolitan Washington, DC area. Located in Northern Virginia, we offer a range of outreach events and programs including boot camps, fitness challenges, and charity fundraisers to keep you motivated and inspired to LIVE FIT.

Empowered and motivated by the Philippians 4:13 verse "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me" Adam and Stacey created I CAN DO FITNESS! - a company dedicated to helping real people jumpstart their new healthy lifestyles.  This verse was instrumental to helping them committed to their journey and honor the blessing of health they had been given.  Whenever they felt they wanted to give up, they prayed on this verse and it reminded them of all they had done and all that they would do. The bottom line was that they believed in themselves to make things happen. No matter what you believe, there comes a time when a person is seeking a source of motivation or inspiration. Whether it's going after that promotion, going back to school, or of course, staying on track when losing weight...you have to find that something in you to go for it.  Believe you CAN DO all things and you will!

The GO Fitness Project - What we DO...

The GO Fitness Project from the mind of I Can Do Fitness founder, Stacey Capers.  The project is purposed to organize and support a variety of outreach programs to promote active, healthy lifestyles and is grounded in three (3) basic principles:

Begin your journey to an active, healthy lifestyle with small changes!
better...MOVE more...LEARN from others...
Learn from us and jumpstart your own journey!

Challenge yourself and do things you never thought possible!
Train for your first 5K or even a triathlon!  Take us up on a challenge or join us for a race!

Live an active, healthy lifestyle and support community efforts to promote health and wellness through outreach!

Our Mission

I Can Do Fitness! is dedicated to providing resources, advice, outreach and support for individuals committing to an active, healthy lifestyle through nutrition and physical fitness.

Our Vision

To motivate, inspire, and encourage ordinary people to do extraordinary things...